Tio Pepe installation

It was exciting to work on this project - Tio Pepe is a genuinely tasteful and uniquely cultured sherry and I was inspired to collaborate with creative people that have a clear vision about how to provide a public space in there restaurant.

The dry Sherry originates from a region in Spain that has strong historic Moorish influences, so we decided that the white area surrounding the ampersand would have a Arabic influenced, textured surface.

Also we decided that the ampersand symbol itself should be comprised of electric colours with black grouting and dark Perspex textured to show "direction of stroke".

There is an interactive part of the design - crushed tin cans and strategically placed Pimento to dolce (mild paprika tins) lids, when you open them you'll find matches.

The smoking area is partly exposed to the weather so prepared this mosaic with the intention that it has a minimum 20 year life span.


5 weeks in the making - I really enjoyed creating this design because I love to collaborate with all kinds of designers to challenge my skills and create more styles and varieties in the beautiful art form for in or out door environments.

I've heard recently that this design has been entered for an international marketing award.