Hangleton and Knoll Mosaic Project

The Hangleton & Knoll community can now celebrate a new mosaic design that is located in their local park. The 9 metre long mosaic design was installed by Brighton based community worker and Mosaicist Edi Mandala. “It was a pleasure to work this way because I enjoy teaching and including local people in a project that will effect their local environment - their creativity was amazing”.

hangletonEdi Mandala ran a series of workshops with members of community groups and children who live nearby, they produced over 60 individual designs contributing to the final the design thus creating a permanent feature and visual interest around the border of a landscaped garden in the park.

Whilst this is not the biggest project Edi Mandala has created it means a great deal to him as a specially commissioned community based project. In July he installed a mosaic design for a patio area inside a new restaurant in Old Street, London, EC1 called Pintxo People. It covers a 9 metre square wall has recently been nominated for a marketing award.

hangletonEdi Mandala founded Mandala Mosaics to promote mosaic as a fine art, creating high quality portraits & landscapes and collaborating with home designers, he also enjoys doing community events going back to his roots as a volunteer and worker within community organisations.

“I was exhausted after taking part in the month long Brighton Artists Open House, as well as running mosaic workshops but I was enthused by the outreach team at the Hangleton and Knoll community centre – they work hard and they have great ideas and were collaborative and supportive”.

"I worked with Edi when I was a community development worker for the Hangleton and Knoll project. We organised mosaic workshops for key members of the community on Edi’s advice so the skill would remain in the community.

We then had a day in the summer when anyone could join in and do a mosaic that was then put on a wall in Hangleton Park.

I felt that Edi put everything into our project and made it very special for the residents. He was a patient and approachable teacher and was a good role model for many of the young people in the area.

It was something that residents were very proud of and won’t forget. Being creative and making mosaics really gave people a sense of worth and belonging".