What is the process of having a mosaic created?

  1. We investigate clients’ needs and aspirations
  2. We intergaret findings with our design knowledge
  3. We formulate preliminary design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriate and functional
  4. We develop and present final design recommendation through personal presentation or internet / post according to client convenience
  5. We prepare an administrative bid
  6. Once bid / design are accepted we require 70% to being initiation of project

What are your design fees?

We have a rate of £35 per hour or we can quote you the overall design price.

In what materials do you work?

Primarily we work with ceramic tiles but we also use mixed media, found objects, Balti, glass and tesserae according to client taste and aims of the project. Please view current projects for samples of our work or contact us today.

Can I pay with visa or mastercard, amex or discover?

Yes, we accept all and also checks provided they clear prior to initiation of work on your project.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes you can, depending on the safety needs, in fact you are welcome to see us at work or even join on of our masterclasses, please call to make a booking.

Do you exhibit or do presentations?

We have a show room and often do public displays and workshops can be booked.

How long does a mosaic take to create?

a project can take 3 days to 30 depending upon the size and complexity of the project because mosaic making is labour intensive, it involves patient, detailed hand working and requires skills in tool operation as well as a developed awareness of 3d / perspective, sculpture and building techniques as it often requires installation into homes, work and public spaces.

Does Mandlal Mosaics offer commission work?

Absolutely yes! Our specialism is mosaic portraiture – the human face with all its expressions and emotions is highly complex but it is exhilarating way to render a like ness that is enduring. Doing this successfully for 10 years has prepared us to take welcome new challenges in this beautiful art form. We want to create work that encourages people to visit your home just for the visual treat. Just send us a picture, call us, feel welcome to make further enquiries.

I am a mosaic artist, or novice, but am interested in mosaic art forms, can you help me?

Yes, please feel encouraged to contact us and let us know how we can help you. We also occasionally offer tutorials, facilitate workshops and mentor students in apprenticeships.

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