The Cella Bar Cat Panel

What you are looking at are photos I took at different stages of preparing the panel. This is not the largest mosaic project I’ve undertaken but it was very ambitious - it is a difficult task to do a likeness of someone in mosaic, yet alone to create 20+ likenesses on the one panel. Yet as the idea took root I began to really enjoy this challenge, I had an open palette: “any colours you like as long as there is plenty of red and no black”.

Once I understood how large it needed to be to add atmosphere to this newly refurbished club, my goal was to create an image that was as kaleidoscopic as the musicians depicted whilst also making it durable and adaptable. I will leave it to my website to explain my modus operendi and state that it is important to me that mosaic art is shared with everyone.

How the “The Cella Bar Cat” was created?

The atmosphere in the club is really good and I’ve seen some inspiring performances there so it was relatively easy to visualize what kind of singer would rip it up! Some of the staff chipped in with ideas too, and family and friends patiently answered my questions as the picture developed.

I imagined myself to be the eternally red cat of the cella bar that gets to hear all the best musicians of the day, jamming away all night….I thought of some of the greatest international stars visiting these shores and merging into the white cliffs and green downs of our countryside; all arriving at the same time and in the mood to jam it up!

Cella Bar

I eventually amassed images of twenty plus musical icons from the past and the future, commemorating those that have changed things in subtle ways that touch all of us, like the wind.

As to their identities: leaving it to your imagination. Maybe you’ll spot the cat sneaking up the stairs…it’s all part of enjoying a dynamic yet subtle art form. Mosaic art gives freedom to use colours in practical and explorative ways; I believe it inspires those people that maintain the belief that they are uncreative to make things of enduring beauty. It is a medium that offers you intoxicating challenges. Thanks for sharing it with me and I welcome further enquiries, critiques and ideas.