About us

Mandala Mosaics provides bespoke, distinctive designs for your environments. All work - from a specially commissioned piece of furniture or a unique mosaic portrait to a large interior or exterior design project - incorporates innovative and classic design, true craftsmanship and an unrivalled level of personal service.

Edi Mandala, the founder of Mandala Mosaics says that "design is only limited by our imaginations, so each project must be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing - essentially turning any living space to a work of art".

Our designs are unmistakable. They surpass pure function to become havens of peace and luxury. Our attention-to-detail, our holistic approach and the quality of our finished work results in an affect that is truly at home with your personality and lifestyle.

Mission statement

Mandala Mosaics brings the ancient art form of mosaic into the 21st Century while providing tiling design solutions for property developers & interior designers. Mandala Mosaics provides a general tiling service as well as a bespoke mosaic design & portraiture and we use the best materials and techniques to produce the highest quality work.

Artist's statement

Every mosaic design by Edi Mandala is unique, whether it's one of our designs or taken from an image supplied by the client. The initial design can be produced in draft form or by computer. The design process itself can be monitored by the client so that the finished item is of high quality, leaving customers satisfied.

All mosaic designs can be completed with glass tiles, ceramic tiles or mixed media which provides a remarkable detail and variation of colour. We can supply the mosaic framed and have tillers that can mount designs so they merge with the environment.

All materials whether Italian glass mosaic tiles or best quality ceramic tiles are frost proof and heat resistant and can be mounted onto weather proof boarding or fixed directly on site by a qualified tiler. The grouting we use comes in a variety of colours are highly stain resistant and consistent in colour. Mosaic tiling is flexible so that awkwardly shaped and sized areas do not present a problem.

A mosaic can provide a long-lasting and remarkable addition to your outdoor features - simply contact us to find out more.

Mosaics are highly suitable for use in retail and restaurant areas stainproof in normal use and easily cleaned with bacteria fighting sprays. Used on shop fronts, counter tops, as well as wall art and table tops, an Edi Mandala mosaic is a practical and original solution to best value architectural decoration.

Mosaic has always been part of great architecture, accenting areas of walls and floors; it is a rare combination of art and practicality. Using modern computer techniques it is possible to produce designs that are grand in scale yet practical in financial terms. And of course there's the ability to show clients a very accurate rendering for minimal cost. Unlike other wall art it is part of the structure and will last as long as the building. Practical and artistic - isn't that what the best architecture is all about?

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